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Our clients love our friendly staff and our variety of services. Below is a sampling of letters of thanks and support which we have received.


I am astounded at your willingness to work with me regarding the finances of my treatment! Truly amazing & very caring!

Thank you very much!

I’m very pleased with the level of service and care that I have received here. I have been in PT twice before for the same health issues yet with much lesser care and lesser results. This team listens to me and adjusts accordingly! Outstanding! I like that they make me do the exercises here so I am sure to do them, and do it right. Plus if it hurts, they will change the therapy.

Very caring & nice people, really great environment.

Thank you to everyone!

I spent most of my childhood in and out of hospitals for very high fevers and allergies. It was either big tubs of ice … or needles. I am a PHOBIC! I had not seen a doctor in about 30 years. Put me in a dentist’s chair and I shake uncontrollably, tears stream down my face … I can’t stop them. My mind is terrified, I cannot function.

Last winter, while walking, I was hit by a truck. I had no choice but to see doctors … many different doctors. Finally, I met Dr. Cunha at Milwaukie Rehab. With care, understanding and lots of patience, they were able to clam my fears and earn my trust. Everything was explained thoroughly. I was treated with tenderness, care and courtesy. There was always a nice smile and cheerful greeting throughout my sessions – Always going the extra mile to soothe pain and pick my spirits up to help me heal inside as well as outside.

Dr. Cunha spent a lot of time and effort helping me find a Primary Care doctor I could communicate with and took the extra time to understand who and what I am as a person.

The office ladies, the massage therapists and doctors were always pleasant and thorough and I will recommend them as “The One” to any Phobic like me. Put your fears to rest … you’re in the hands of “The Best!”

- Dan

I have suffered for over 10 years with severe hip pain. After spending a lot of time and money with so many doctors, I found Gateway Sports Medicine. Dr. Yu fixed my hip issues in less than three months. I can dance, run, bike, hike … like I used to.

I will always come back to see Dr. Yu and recommend him to all my friends and family.

Amanda Catchpole

Hi, my name is Skyler Kurtz. I began therapy at Gateway Sports Medicine in 2006. I was 10 years old starting my therapy because of an injury I received while my mom was in labor with me… I have been attending different therapy places throughout my life.

Since I have been going to Gateway I have gotten 30% of the use in my right arm which I never had… The results are amazing considering the amount of therapy I have had through my life.

I love the therapist that works with me and I never mind any of the staff – everyone is quick to say hello and make me feel at home.

Thank you for all of your hard work. We love you guys.

I came in with a stiff shoulder, having accepted my limitations in motion, but following through on my primary care provider’s recommendation for physical therapy.

Visits here were not only an experience of being cared for well and with thoughtful consideration, but my shoulder is back to normal.

Marylou Bonham

I had gone to 3 appointments at another clinic before I came to gateway. They were OK, but right from the beginning of my first visit at gateway, I was deeply impressed at how knowledgeable and personally interested they were in my injury.

The therapist explained my injury thoroughly using the muscle names and what I needed for the immediate future to relive my pain and make sure healing was as complete as possible. I received immediate relief!

Carré Nölscher

July 23, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for offering your free chair massages at our agency. It took two rounds of massages to get me to venture out and see what your clinic had to offer. I am so glad I did! It is great how your staff reduces the biggest barrier in seeking treatment and has simplified the paper work.

The chronic back pain I have suffered with for years had become life for me, pain relievers and ice packs. Exercise was near impossible, with my knee losing its strength. After my first week of treatment with Dr. Yu, I noticed an increase in my energy level; less whining on my part and a real sense that I was being cared for.

It has been over a month now and I have put away the pain relievers and can feel my natural endorphins kick in. I am exercising again, not up to a mile yet, but I am trying. My flexibility has increased and I am sleeping better.

My co-workers have commented that I am more happy-go-lucky, and "what's up with that." Even my 13 year old son noticed my good moods in the evening, which in the past was a rough time for me.

I decided to encourage my husband and son (13) and daughter (27) to make appointments. My son suffers from Osgood-Schlatter Disease and has shed many a tear over his pain. After his last visit he commented that everyone is so nice and he feels better after each visit. My daughter had her first visit this week and is very excited to return.

Our family really appreciates the high quality of treatment and caring staff. Your services have improved our lives greatly.

Cindy M.

I highly recommend acupuncture! But first let me say I am not a fan of needles (due to childhood illness issues). I decided to try it for two reasons: 1) I figured if it hurt I would tell the person to stop and 2) I already hurt. I had a car accident injury and I was tired of the burning or sharp pains.

Acupuncture immediately was helpful. It lessened the pain, increased range of motion, increased mobility and I think also helps me feel better in general.

The truth is you can only stretch or strengthen so much on your own. The needles (I wish there was another name to use, but) increase the blood flow, help the muscle to relax and most importantly lessen the pain.

I was so tired of the pain.

But I have also used acupuncture for other things too: PMS, TMJ, allergies, cold symptoms, headaches.

Acupuncture is a primary reason for my improvement. PT taught me posture and strengthening, massage loosens and stretches, acupuncture heals (by increasing blood flow and mobility and flexibility).

I have a tendency to sit at the computer too long which irritates my neck/back, but aside from when I do that I have 95% improvement in results from my car accident complications.

- Michelle L.

Dear Gateway Sports Medicine Team,

I can’t begin to thank you for all you have done for me. The personal care that you gave me was unbelievable. When I first came in, I was in so much pain from my injury, and I have to admit that I was nervous. From the time I checked in until the time I left I felt so cared for. I didn’t feel like a number or a case, you all made me feel like a person.

The personal, hands-on care was amazing! You made me feel so comfortable, and relaxed. I looked forward to my appointments. I’ll never forget one appointment – I was in so much pain, as I was giving my therapist updates on how I was feeling, I started crying. You all rallied around me with positive support, I totally felt cared for. You let me know once again how much you cared and I felt that.

I will truly miss you all and the great teamwork that you show to your patients. I just wanted to say, “Thank You” for all you have done for me during this long road to recovery. I will truly miss you all.